SH2IPDRIVE Wins Millions for Mobility R&D fund

SH2IPDRIVE wins millions for mobility r&d fund picture

We are pleased to announce that our consortium has won a subsidy of 24.2 million EUR from the Mobility R&D Fund in the Netherlands.
SH2IPDRIVE, (Sustainable Hydrogen Integrated Propulsion Drives) a Dutch project consortium focused on maritime hydrogen applications, today announces the receipt of a subsidy of 24.2 million EUR from the R&D Mobility Fund in the Netherlands.

SH2IPDRIVE consists of a diverse group of 25 companies and knowledge institutions from across the maritime sector working together on a broad and ambitious innovation project to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen as a marine fuel. Developing the application of hydrogen is one of the pillars of the Dutch Maritime Master Plan, of which this consortium contributes extensively. The total project fund of 34 million EUR affords extensive research and development into multiple avenues for hydrogen application and accelerates the move to zero-emission shipping.


The main objective of SH2IPDRIVE is the development of reliable, safe, standardized, scalable and cost effective solutions for zero-emission propulsion and energy systems for hydrogen-based ships.

The project will conduct new research into the development of safe applicable technologies for hydrogen in four different forms: (1) compressed hydrogen gas and (2) liquid hydrogen, and hydrogen bound to carriers such as (3) liquid organic hydrogen carriers and (4) borohydrides.

Another main area of exploration for the team is research into new fuel cell systems with a greater power density, and a longer lifespan, the use of residual heat and the scaling up of fuel cells.

The team will also work on developing technical standards for bunkering and storage of hydrogen for shipping, integration of hydrogen technology onboard ships and ship design. For this purpose, data collection and system validation are included in the project and the integral safety concept of these new systems is also taken into account.

Developments of technological components and subsystems are validated in five concept designs representative of different ship types that are important for the Dutch shipping sector, inland shipping new construction, Inland shipping retrofit, coastal/shortsea shipping, passenger vessels and specialist Ships.

The SH2IPDRIVE Consortium

The consortium of 25 parties, is made up of SMEs, large companies, universities, knowledge institutions and the Dutch government.
Future Proof Shipping B.V. | Technische Universiteit Delft | Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology B.V. | Maritiem Research Instituut Nederland MARIN | Koedood Dieselservice B.V. | Scheepvaartonderneming Van Dam | Holland Shipyards B.V. | Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO |Bosch Rexroth B.V. | Cryovat Internationaal B.V. | H2Storage B.V. | H2 Circular Fuel B.V. | H2FUEL | Royal Roos B.V. | Solid Hydrogen B.V. | Universiteit van Amsterdam | Voyex B.V. | Encontech B.V. | Technische Universiteit Eindhoven | Universiteit Twente | Rivermaas B.V.| IHC Holland B.V. | Royal Dutch Shell | Concordia Damen Shipbuilding B.V.| Defensie Materieel Organisatie.

SH2IPDRIVE’S total project budget is 33.6 million EUR, which includes the requested subsidy of 24.2 million EUR, and the partners’ own resources of 9.4 million EUR.
InnovationQuarter plays a facilitation role in the cooperation between all the consortium partners involved.