• Hydrogen Ships: Whistling in the wind or inescapable?

    page 28: SH2IPDRIVE aims at reliable, safe, scalable and cost-effective hydrogen-based systems. In an era of rising climate awareness, fluctuating fossil fuel prices and increasingly interdependent international trade, making the maritime sector more sustainable is as relevant as ever. How can hydrogen (H2) play a role in green shipping, what technical challenges are to be expected and what might possible solutions be?

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  • Waterstof als energiebron voor steenfabriek dankzij LOHC

    Steenfabriek Rodruza, energiebedrijf Essent en waterstofspecialist HyMove maken gezamenlijk een grote stap, die grootschalige toepassing van waterstof door industrie dichterbij brengt en ontwikkelen hiertoe een compleet nieuwe Supply Chain.

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  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems with Isobaric Expansion Technology Using Pure and Mixed Working Fluids

    Economic expedience of waste heat recovery systems (WHRS), especially for low temperature difference applications, is often questionable due to high capital investments and long pay-back periods. With a simple design, isobaric expansion (IE) machines could provide a viable pathway to utilizing otherwise unprofitable waste heat streams for power generation and particularly for pumping liquids and compression of gases.

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