In the Sustainable Hydrogen Integrated Propulsion Drives (SH2IPDRIVE) project, 25 companies and knowledge institutions from the maritime sector are working together on a broad and ambitious innovation project to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier.


SH2IPDRIVE’s primary goal is to develop reliable, safe, standardized, scalable and cost-effective solutions for zero-emission hydrogen-based ship propulsion and energy systems. In the project, new research is being conducted into the development of safe applicable technologies for hydrogen in four different forms: (1) compressed hydrogen, (2) liquid hydrogen, and hydrogen bonded to carriers such as (3) Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers and (4) borohydrides. Another important pillar is the scaling up of fuel cells. Developments at the level of components and subsystems are (modularly) integrated onboard, validated, and subsequently elaborated in five concept designs relevant for the Dutch economy: (1) inland vessel (retrofit), (2) inland vessel (new), (3) short sea vessel, (4) passenger vessel, (5) special purpose ship.

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